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Mjeksia Islame
Mjeksia Islame




To achieve positive health, it is required that the personal way of life, environmental circumstances and structure of society should be constructive factors that enhance health promotion.  Social, economic, political, cultural and spiritual factors determine and modify man’s circumstances, which if advanced will provide suitable conditions for man to lead a good life.  If Shari’ah laws prevail in all fields of life, this will necessarily lead to constituting a healthy community, clarified as follows:The World Health Organisation has acknowledged a definition of health as; “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and  not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  Thus,  whatcould be termed as ‘positive health’ has been introduced, which means that man enjoys as an asset of strength.  ‘Passive health’, on the other hand, means that man is free of diseases.


  1. The economic side in Islam provides a degree of integration, represented in giving charity (Zakat) and helping the poor, to achieve Allah’s saying;

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“And spend (in charity) out of the (substance) whereof He has made you heirs.” (57:7) and;

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“In order  that  it (money) may not make a circuit between the wealthy among you.” (59:7) This will guarantee establishing the acceptable health limit required for every one.

  1. The social structure in Islam entails that  each person be entitled to all that fulfil his essential needs of dwelling, food and clothes.  Each  individual works as much as he can, and each gets as much as he needs.
  2. The political scheme in Islam guarantees justice to ensure the affiliation of each individual to the whole community, thus pushing him forward towards work, production and eagerness to preserve public treasury. This leads to growth of wealth, settlement of security and abundance of welfare.
  3. The values prevailing in the community must lead to the promotion of the spirit of Jihad (striving for a good cause) among the Moslems. Each individual strives to enhance the word of Islam with his knowledge, work and money, so that divine values predominate.  The spread of smoking in a community, for instance, depends on the way the young generations are reared and the image drawn by the community and mass media to smokers.  Diffusion of addictive drugs and liquor, which ruin health and lead to accidents, depends on the prevailing values in the community, the methods of youth care and the way youth occupy their leisure time, and the strength of family ties.  When individuals are provided with serenity and  psychological peace of mind, they are in no need of sedatives and tranquilising drugs.
  4. Spiritual factors: The  spiritual  education  of  the  community  in Islam helps the individual to be in harmony with himself and with the whole community, and conditions him to certain hygienic practices, on both planes of personal  hygiene and environmental health.  Each individual carries a responsibility towards himself and his community, which he should be keen to preserve to please Allah.


Achieving positive health represented in physical, mental and social sufficiency is the qualification, which Allah bestows upon His servants to be leaders of His mankind.  This rule is one of Allah’s cosmic laws, as Allah the Almighty says;

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Allah  has  chosen  him  (Talutabove  you  (the  chiefs of the Children of Israel), and has gifted him abundantly with knowledge and bodily prowess: Allah  granteth His authority to whom He pleaseth.” (2:247)

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