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Mjeksia Islame
Mjeksia Islame





Health of body and mentality is a grace, culminated by  the grace of being guided to the Faith of Islam.   It was narrated by Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet(r) said; “Ask Allah for firmness of belief and well-being, as nobody is granted something better, after certitude of faith, than well-being.” It was also narrated that the Prophet (r) said; “If the son of Adam has nothing more than being a Moslem and of good health, that will be enough for him.” Man’s viceroyalty on earth is achieved by colonisation, protection and reformation of earth. The  qualification Allah  granted to man to enable him to achieve the duty of viceroyalty are:  mind, will and bodily strength.  These are Allah’s graces, and which should be employed by man in all that pleases Allah, to lead a life of servitude to Him the Almighty.

Therefore, the Moslem has to get benefit of his health and time by doing good, or he will be considered as the one who squanders Allah’s graces.  The Prophet (r) warns the Moslem of being as such by saying; “There are two benefits  which the generality of people misuse: health and leisure.”   It was narrated by Abu Huraira that the Prophet (r) said; “On Doomsday, the servant is first asked by Allah of the graces granted to him: ‘Did I not grant you a healthy body? Did I not give you cool water to drink?'”

Thus, health and well-being are basic requirements for man to achieve the duty of viceroyalty.  The Moslem has to be keen to maintain them and be thankful to Allah for them.  Allah  refers to Moses as;

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“…truly the best of men to employ is the (man) who is strong and trusty.” (28:26)   It was narrated by Abu Al Darda’a, that he said; “I said; ‘O, Messenger of Allah, I would like more to be of  good health and be thankful to Allah than to be afflicted and have patience.’  The Prophet (r) replied; ‘Allah likes good health, as you do.’

The Moslem wishes to gain good health and well-being, as he will be more able of serving Allah at his best.  It was narrated by Abu Huraira  that  the  Prophet (r) said; “The faithful when strong is better and  more liked by Allah than the faithful when weak, and in each there is good for him.  Be keen to have that will avail you, seek help of Allah and do not be powerless.”

As elements of viceroyalty are colonisation, protection and reformation of earth, the Islamic view of health corresponds with this general outline.  This health view can be divided into three levels:

–    Health promotion.

–  Preventive medicine.

–  Treatment and rehabilitation.

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