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health promotion

  1. It is ordained in Islam that a healthy partner be selected for matrimony,to have healthy progeny free of bodily defects.  It was narrated by Ibn Abbas that the Prophet (r) said; “Select for your sperms.”
  2. Islam has encouraged breast feeding, as it helps acquire strength, natural immunity, and proper maintenance of infant health. Allah the Almighty says;

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“The  mothers  shall  give  suck  to  their  offspring  for two whole years, for him who desires.” (2:233)  For the child to be given a chance for sucking, and for the mother to be given a chance to regain her health after pregnancy, the Prophet (r) dislikes that the woman be pregnant anew while she weans her baby. It was narrated by Juzama Bint Wahab Al Asadiyah that she heard the Prophet (r) saying; “I had the intention to forbid ‘Gheela’“, i.e., (sexual intercourse between a man and his wife while the wife gives suck to her baby, or while she is pregnant and her baby is sucking.) Thus, contraception is allowed in such a case.

  1. The child has to be provided with spiritual and physical care since the beginning of his biological activity.It was narrated that the Prophet (r) said; “Order your children to perform prayers at the age of seven and beat them for not performing prayers at the age of ten.”  Beating, however, should be light, causing no injury to the child’s physical and mental well-being.


Physical fitness requires physical  training  since juvenility.  It was narrated by Mosab Bin Saad, on the authority of his father, that the Prophet (r) said; “Play throwing, as it is your best game.”  The Prophet (r) once raced his wife.   On the authority of the lady Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, that she said; “I was once travelling with the Prophet (r) and I raced him (r) on foot, and I won.   But when I put on weight later, I raced him and he won.  The Prophet (r) said; “one for one.”

  1. Ofthe factors of health promotion and leading a healthy life  is to live in  a  healthy  environment and  in an open air.  The Prophet (r) liked to pray in orchards of palm trees surrounded with a fence.  He has prohibited praying in a dirty place.  On the authority of Moa’z  Bin Jabal that he said; “The Prophet (r) liked to pray in orchards.”  On the authority of Ibn Omar that the Prophet (r) prohibited prayers to be performed in seven areas: dunghill, slaughtering  house, cemetery, road way, water closet, resting place of camels and on the roof of the Sanctuary of Allah (Kaaba).  It was also narrated by Ibn Abbas that he said; “The Prophet (r) liked to look at greenery and flowing water.”


The Prophet (r) has stated  that wealth should bring  about good and  health to its owner.   On the authority of Abu Al Ahwas that the Prophet (r) said; “If Allah has so bestowed wealth upon you, the signs and honour of Allah’s grace should be seen upon you.”

  1. In the field of nutrition, the Prophet (r) used to prefer healthy food.On the authority of Ibn Abbas that the Prophet (r) said; “Whoever drank milk should say; ‘O, my Lord, we ask You of Your blessing of this milk, and please supply us with more provision of it’, as I do not know anything else of food and drink that can replace it.”  Milk is known to be the only diet which contains all nutritional ingredients.

The Prophet (r) also said; “The best food is meat . It is the master of all foods.”  It was narrated by Jaber that the Prophet (r) said; “Do not forsake dinner, not even with a handful of dates, as neglecting it leads to weakness of health.”

  1. The Prophet (r) has called for the body and soul to have rest, so far that the length of prayers is subject to the ability of the body. It was narrated by Ibn Abbas that the Prophet (r) said; “Seek help of the midday nap to perform prayers at night, and of Suhur (last meal before daybreak during the month of Ramadan) to perform fasting of the day.”


The Prophet (r) has recommended that the proper way of  sleeping is to lie upon your right side. It was narrated by Al Bara’ that the Prophet (r) said; “Before you go to sleep, make ablution as you do for prayers, then lie down on your right side.”

  1. In the field of self-recreation, the Prophet (r) advised that man should take lawful right of enjoyment: “Refresh your hearts from time to time.” On the authority of Ibn Omar that the Prophet (r) said; “Go on journeys, you will be healthful.”
  2. Constructing the mental health of the Moslem: This can be achieved through religious observances in its comprehensive concept that include performing rites and virtuous deeds for the service of the community. It is known that the soul develops through the individual’s adaptation in the society he lives in.  When the individual deals with other members of community, he develops either the formation or the repression of some certain internal feelings, e.g., the ability of man to love and give depends on the degree of repressing feelings of selfishness and egotism. The Moslem realises that his aim is attaining Allah’s gratification through virtuous deeds, being offered as a worship, regardless of  achieving any personal gains. The sincerity of observance prompts the Moslem to do virtuous deeds, that enable him to recognise the best aspects within  himself, develop and polish his personality, and fulfil the rights of the community.  When the Moslem seeks to emulate the tradition of the Prophet (r), he will be able to gradually eliminate feelings of selfishness, develop within himself pure human attributes and achieve positive mental health.
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